Monday, January 15, 2007

Day 1

I did not eat like crap today! Here is what my menu consisted of:

Breakfast: Yogurt (100 calories) and 1/4 of a Starbucks TRANS FAT FREE blueberry scone!
Snack: 100 calorie package of Corn nuts
Lunch: Smart Ones Veggie and Mozzarella sandwich (240 calories)
Snack: Almonds and beef Jerky- both home made and LO CAL!

I also drank the equivalent to 2 liters of water and still counting, since I will have 2-3 Venti iced waters at work!

I did not feel like crap today. Most of the time I want to fall asleep around 12:30, but I have had energy the entire day!

I work at Starbucks in about an hour and I still feel good to go! I am going to go and build my drink at to see how many calories there are in it so I can see if I can drink one or two here or there! WOW! My drink is a tipple tall sugar free cinnamon Dulce Late with no whip! It is 90 Calories! WHOOO-HOOOO!!!! I can still drink them guilt free!

YAY! Day 1 is almost finished!

(This is a repost from my other blog spot. For some reason I could not log into it and had to create a whole new one :( Oh well!)

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